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Here you will find examples of articles I have written on a variety of subjects. Links open in separate windows. 


Personal finance  
Is retiring no longer an option? - Daily Express  
Make money from unwanted items - Sunday Express  
How to save money effectively - Independent  
The cost of divorce - Moneywise  
How to play catch up with your savings - Evening Standard  
Investing in classic cars - New Model Adviser  
Do you have a poor man's posh car? - Confused.com  
The ugliest cars ever made - Confused.com  
How to buy a new car - Independent  
Five stupidly simple ways to kill your car - Confused.com  
Heroes and villains - Fulham Review  
Rob Griffin goes banger racing - Oval Racing News  
How I made Jiu Jitsu my profession - Independent  
Interview with racer Andy Sturt - Oval Racing News  
Racing lady Jemma Dendy - Oval Racing News  
Britons are buying abroad - Daily Express  
Should you build your own home? - Sunday Express  
Managers wary about piling into propery - Citywire Money  
Downsizing your home - Independent  
Think twice about buy-to-let - New Model Adviser  
Is flexible working right for you? - Independent  
Escape the career rut - Moneywise  
Could you be the next apprentice? - Moneywise  
Is it time for a change of career direction? - Independent  
Changing your job could be the way forward - Daily Express  
Five steps to picking the right funds - Moneywise  
Where is safe for income? - Citywire Money  
Fund manager focus on Carl Stick - New Model Adviser  
Are ETFs value for money? - Citywire  
Three model portfolios for retirement income - Moneywise  


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