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  1. The end of Moneywise

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    Mixed emotions today. I’ve just started writing my last column for Moneywise, the personal finance magazine that I have contributed to for 16 years. 

    The magazine’s owner, Interactive Investor, announced in June that it was closing both this title and Money Observer. 

    The most popular content will be transferred to the ii website, but the last printed editions are due to come out in August. 

    While desperately sad that Moneywise is disappearing – and devastated for the close knit team behind it – I’m very proud to have played a small part in its journey. 

    My relationship with the magazine dates back to the summer of 2004 when I contacted the editor after hearing that one of its writers was leaving. Luckily for me, he agreed to give me a commission.

    My first article was an investigation into whether or not privatisations had been good for shareholders. It involved speaking to those with first-hand experience of the process such as Lord Lamont, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

    I have written monthly articles on investment, personal finance, and running your own business ever since – and absolutely loved it. It's always been a magazine that has encouraged in-depth analysis of subjects.

    The publication has gone through many editors but they have all shared the same attention to detail and dedication to improving the knowledge of readers. 

    Of course, I’ve also changed. When I started contributing I was 30-years-old, with one toddler son, and had only been freelancing for 18 months. I’m now comfortably into my mid-40s with three boys. My oldest is now 18-years-old and preparing for university.

    However, one of the magazine's greatest strengths has been its ability to stay relevant to readers of all ages. This will be sorely missed. At a time when people need more help than ever with their finances, it’s sad to see the demise of titles that brought the subject to life.